O Yoga! Because life is yoga!

Yoga, for us, is not a form of exercise. It is not a drop-in replacement for aerobics and calisthenics. Yoga is more, yoga is deeper, yoga is life. And like the title says, life is yoga

Yoga is the path that our life can follow, if we choose to let it - where Hatha, the physical form of yoga, is just part of the first steps to controlling our body, our thoughts, and ultimately, our selves.

Join us to see how yoga can change you - steadily, carefully, amazingly!

O Yoga! Article by Kranti in Sports Champ Magzine

Kranti is now featuring as a columninst in well known magzine Sports Champ!

Read her article on how to bring body and mind into harmony. Click here to read the article!


O Yoga! 30 days Yoga Challenge Colombia Nov 2018


I have been training under Kranti for over a year now. What sets her apart from other teachers is her instincts. Apart from her impeccable knowledge she knows what is required for the body on a daily basis. And her sense of humour makes the class lots of fun.


I am learning the depths and details of postures and its effects on specific parts of the body. Experience wise it’s a great help to enhanced functionality of various parts of the body and improved overall health than earlier. What I also like is your specific and individual attention and care for each participant and your expert suggestions, comments and appropriate instructions during the asanas.


Kranti is a disciplined and honest human being. And she brings those qualities to the yoga class. She challenges me to push my boundaries while being compassionate too!